Panorama of Male and Female Mountains, Tourism Potential to Attract Travelers to Karimun


KARIMUNTODAY.COM, KARIMUN – Karimun Regency, Riau Islands Province, one of the cities adjacent to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia with a panoramic view of male and female mountains will certainly be able to attract tourists to visit, especially under the foot of the mountain there a waterfall that is currently one of the mainstay tourist destinations.

The existence of male and female volcanoes located in Pongkar Village, West Meral Subdistrict, if managed properly in a professional manner does not rule out the possibility of impacting and supporting the economy of the surrounding community and of course will generate the coffers of Regional Original Revenue.

“The panorama of Mount Male and Female is undoubtedly its beauty, the article is that if the tourists are at its peak there will be shady trees and shade, faintly looking at the Karimun city which continues to preen and the vast sea stretches and fishing boats catch fish, so that the eyes will be calm to see him “

In addition, not far from male and female mountains, there is a beach that is quite charming and let go of fatigue, because the atmosphere of the beach is very shady and overgrown with pine trees and tourists can also taste various culinary delights in this location that are very appetizing , and tourists who visit do not need to hesitate, the article, security and comfort in the location is very well maintained, especially the culture of the Karimun community is very polite and friendly to every guest who comes. (*)

Report: Lukman Hakim

Editor: Indra H Piliang


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